How Our Strategic Advice Help Restaurants

We are professionals who are committed to helping you to start your organization with guidelines laid down by the competent authorities. Following these guidelines make sure that your organization doesn't get entangled with bureaucratic red tapes. The rules and regulations which are needed to be followed have standards, the regulations usually cover multiple aspects of business such as safety standards, quality standards, hygiene standards, multiple licenses, and multiple permits. With our team of professionals, we can be at your service from the incubation phase of the restaurant to the opening day. Beyond that, we make sure you have a stable staff, quality equipment and the confidence to move forward without us.\r\n\r\nthat are cost-effective to help your team work better and efficiently to produce the results and to showcase the brand in glory. The Food & beverage industry standards have high expectations be it the cleanliness, health and aesthetic aspects. With our team of professionals, we can be at your service from the incubation phase of the restaurant theme, selection of staff and in helping you select Company Name is pioneers in consulting and helping with the task of PR, analysing your true competitors in the industry, setting up marketing and food menu strategies and in making the presence known to the world of potential customers.

Services we offer other than operational services 

Hotel Classification:

Hotel classification is a commitment to the customers. Ensuring that the Hotel meets the specific world-class standards and in helping the Hoteliers to be pioneers in the sector it wishes its brand to be renowned in. With a wide array of classification available in the Hotel industry standards, we help the hoteliers to help better meet guidelines and for obtaining the licenses in the Hotel sector they wish for.

Beverage Licencing:

In India, the sale and distribution of alcohol are controlled by the respective state governments, while the process is similar across states, some have different rules when it comes to the location of the establishment and the area it serves. Whether hard or soft liquor, we have considered the experience in acquiring these licenses without any delays. FSSAI has ensured strict and mandatory terms to be met in the F&B industry for licensing to serve Alcohol in the Hotel premises. We help the Hoteliers with the process of obtaining the license and by helping them to meet the set guidelines in the industry.

Hygiene and Safety Audits:

The rules for Hygiene and Safety are set forth by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), it is better to follow the word as failure to comply results in shutting down and cancelling of the license with an immediate effect. Our hospitality experts will help you by laid down workflows which prioritise hygiene and safety standards without making them a hassle. The entire cleaning process is broken down to checklists, which will be handled by different teams. Our hospitality experts know the guidelines and even know how to implement them in a real-world scenario. 

Our team of professionals is well equipped and qualified in keeping you well above the industry standards guidelines where Hygiene and Safety are a concern. We have a proven track record in helping Hotelier meet the requirements of the industry and also in keeping with the pest control and management to ensure safety and hygiene. 

We understand the success or failure in the hospitality sector plays in the success of securing and training employees. Services we undertake include manpower and record keeping, the essential part for any successful Hotel management. We also have the experience in helping conduct successful guidance classes and training programs to help the hotel staff in the basic operations undertaking and in securing internationally acclaimed certificates in the industry for hygiene and safety to better equip the workforce.